A calculated approach

We trade at the intersection of quantitative sophistication and human curiosity.


Depth is in our trading DNA.

Opportunity exists everywhere in crypto – but you can’t be spread too thin in order to capture it. Which is why depth matters to us.

From our exchange networks to our strategic partnerships to our technical expertise and ability to execute at any moment.

Our field
of expertise

Proprietary Trading

Through steady and intentional growth our trading business is among the largest in the cryptocurrency market, with over $1.25 trillion in volume in 2021, spanning across dozens of exchanges.  Through the use of market-neutral strategies we are able to thrive even when the market is bearish. 


We have some of the best infrastructure, exchange relationships, and trading algorithms in crypto. But more importantly, we have a team of experts who are most excited about working with the most exciting projects in crypto, and helping them make it. We want to use our experience and tech to help your project thrive.


“We invest in promising projects throughout the cryptocurrency space to support and grow an ecosystem that’s revolutionizing finance.”

Michael Safai

We have some of the best infrastructure, exchange relationships and trading algorithms in crypto. We want to use all of these to help your project thrive.


People come to us because we solve difficult crypto problems.



World Class


Rich Proprietary


Your future contract.

If you enjoy ‘bang-your-head-against-the-wall’ hard problem solving and being rewarded for your success, you should join our team!

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